Connecting Healthcare – our promise to seamlessly connect data, providers, patients, and revolutionary technology that will drive improvements in the quality & value of care.

Experience – understanding the difference between fear and opportunity, and we’ve got it. For nearly 18 years, we’ve solved complex problems within healthcare in pursuit of better.

Community – we are united with others who believe that the future of healthcare can and will deliver more. To us, this is personal.

We are Accelerating a Healthcare Transformation. 
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Our friends, our partners, our tech.

What We Do

From collaborative care models to shared savings & risk, we’re already helping by delivering best-in-class software that helps organizations collect & report quality measures, eliminate duplication of services, deliver higher value to their communities, and ultimately, deliver better care
Business Intelligence, Analytics and Dashboards

Data – Information – Insight – Action

If data is powerful, then insight is transformative.  We believe the next great breakthroughs will be data-driven, and we’re committed to putting next-generation visualizations and analytics in front of the right people at the right moments to help accelerate the transformation of healthcare.

Software Development, Process Automation and Interoperability 

Efficiency – Value – Quality – Transformation

We haven’t soured on the promise of interoperability. In fact, it’s our wheelhouse, our passion, and our promise to organizations in healthcare who are making critical decisions each and every day. We’re already working with HIEs, ACOs, PPSes, and many other systems to connect silos and make better decisions.


To wake up each day with the opportunity to make a difference. That’s why we do this.

“The only irreplaceable things in life are your loved ones and friends. Few decisions are critical, but if a lifetime of small acts or that one crucial moment had gone differently, my friend would still be here. With better connections bearing better decisions, I can make that true for everyone.”

Dave Thiemecke
Vice President

“Healthy people live up to their potential and make the world a better place. I can try and make the world better myself, or I can help a whole bunch of other people do it. I choose the latter and I believe working in Healthcare is the most effective way to do it.”

Don Lee
Vice President

“We often experience that moment when an organization really sees its data for the first time instead of being buried by it. That journey from data to information to insight changes everything.”

Charles Marra
Project Manager

“I love to build systems that can use information to change outcomes in a positive way. Healthcare provides an opportunity to not only change behaviors with data but to change lives.”

Nick Gianadda
Chief Technology Officer

“People dream about doing something meaningful in their lives. We're humbled to live it. When we hear the personal stories made possible in some small way by what we’ve created, it’s all worth it.”

Steve Raines
Chief Executive Officer

“Advocacy is a powerful concept that sometimes gets lost in the pursuit of progress, and I feel a responsibility to make that voice heard. To understand how a user experiences something is more than important, it’s the driver.”

Adrian Roselli
Vice President

“Some look at what we do as technical, ones and zeros. We don’t. We do this because maybe tomorrow or a year from now a family celebrates one more birthday or graduation, together. I promise, it’s personal.”

Steve Kiernan II
Our Work Lives Here

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